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Henan Yuguang Gold & Lead Group Lead Salt Co., Ltd,founded on August 17th, 1996,located at NO 680 Eastern Jishui Road, Jiyuan City, Henan, China, has three branches known as Plate Factory, Storage Battery Factory and Zinc Powder Factory, and holds shares of three lead & zinc mines. The company mainly deals with non-ferrous metals, lead acid storage battery, sealing plate and zinc powder. Main products of Plate Factory are sealing plate and safety helmet. This factory works with advanced process and testing equipment. Annual capacity of sealing plate is 15 thousand tons. At present, the second phase for sealing plate project has been completed and will go into production. Then the annual output would become 50 thousand tons.
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  POWER KINGDOM  Tel:0391-6606986  Fax:0391-6606538  Address:East 680, Jishui Streen, Jiyuan City, Henen, China
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